Elaboration of the Definition Environmental Philosophy

Philosophy covers various aspects of life and knowledge, including the environment. According to Keraf (2014) in his book Environmental Philosophy - the Universe as a Living System, environmental philosophy or philosophy is:

  1. A search, a continuous question about the environment, both about the meaning and nature and about all things related and related to the environment.
  2. A wisdom about the environment, about the ecosystem as a whole.
  3. The struggle in the search for the roots of the crisis and global environmental disasters and efforts to find a way out.

With the above understanding, we can elaborate the importance of studying or carrying out environmental philosophical activities:

First, it provides an understanding of the meaning and nature of the environment, through various efforts to search for and reflect on the meaning of the environment.

Second, form a mindset, perception and paradigm or our perspective on the environment. Correct perception of the environment will have an impact on our real action on the environment. Mindset will affect the pattern of action.

Third, guiding the paradigm shift of thinking about the environment and its interaction patterns, from a paradigm that is not pro-environment to a paradigm that is friendly to the environment. The essence of diversity in the environment is, inevitably, the various patterns of interaction that must be understood. Failure or misguided thinking about patterns of interaction will lead to errors in human action patterns as an important component in the interaction of environmental ecosystems.

Fourth, guiding ethical behavior or wisdom about the environment, also guiding the pattern of human relations with the environment. Environmental ethics is a part of environmental philosophy. Our behavior towards the environment comes from the continuous search for meaning about the environment and its ins and outs.

Fifth, lead a new approach to nature from dominance and control over nature to an attitude of respect, cooperation and even dialogue with nature to be able to capture the nature, integrity (integrity) of creation.

Thus it is important the meaning of philosophical activities in the form of searching for meaning about the pattern of our interaction with the environment continuously (sustainable) in environmental problems that always exist both on a global and local scale.

Continue to make meaningful efforts that will guide our attitudes and behavior to save the earth, our mother. Hopefully this brief note is useful for understanding and pro-environment actions. Sustainable greetings.

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